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    No More Messy Baits!

    Catches Horse Flies, Deer Flies, Bull Flies, Green Flies, Yellow Head Flies, Stable Flies and many more with the Epps Biting Fly Trap, Exclusively Through Horseline Products-Equine Products. 

    Introduction To Epps

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    Dear Customers, Welcome to the Horseline Family!  At Horseline, we are proud to stand above the competition by offering your products proudly made in the USA! 

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    Because of your purchase, we are able to help others such as The Equestrian Aid Foundation, Therapeutic Riding Centers and B Organic Farm.  All are non profit organizations helping the equine community. 

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    Horseline Products is dedicated to bring you quality products to help your Equine, Bovine, Animals and Family. 

    We guarantee to help you with your new trap and making sure it is in the optimal place for your property.  We have been part of the Equine community for over 15 years and enjoy making sure your satisfied with our products. 


    Hear From Others Who Love Our Trap

    As a veterinarian I have found this product to be the most effective of its kind on the market today. I first saw an Epps biting fly trap at a clients farm almost 8 years ago.  She told me how effective it was at killing the biting flies such as those huge Horse flies, Deer flies and May flies which are quite troublesome in our area.  She convinced me to try it and I was amazed at how it started to catch flies as we were setting it up.  We had caught and killed hundreds of flies in the first 24 hours.  Ever since I have recommended the Epps biting fly trap to all of my clients.  The horses even know where the trap is and enjoy the 'Fly Free Zone'.  It is also environmentally friendly since it uses no chemicals only liquid soap and water.  Angela Gell Stanaway, DVM

    I must admit that I was not sure if the strange looking contraption we had put together was going to do any good with the tons of biting flies we have here in NC.

    We sat back and looked at it wondering what technology it used and if it was really going to work on our fly infestation.  

    The next day I was blown away when I walked to the barn and saw the bottom tray FILLED with dead flies and bugs.  The top tray was almost overflowing. 

    I emptied it and waited until that evening, figuring it had to be a fluke, certainly it did not work that well.

    Only 11 hours later, the top tray was filled again. The bottom was nearly filled.

    The horses not only got used to it very quickly, but stayed around it during the heat of the day, not swishing their tails nor stomping their feet. It didn’t take them long to figure out that was the best place to hang out and graze fly free!

    That trap will be the first thing I put up every spring and the last thing I put away in the fall.

    Lorraine Price

    Wendell, NC

    Instructional Video

    This video is a demonstration on how to assemble the Epps Biting Fly Trap. 

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